The 230 hospitals in our network share best practices and save money.

Our volume and innovation help keep healthcare product costs down.

Save Money On Healthcare Products For Your Hospital

As the CEO, CFO, or Director of Supply Chain of your hospital, you want to keep costs down and share best practices. That’s why our network exists. This is how we do it:


  1. Volume. We are the largest group of our kind within the 10-state area we cover in the Midwest.
  2. Innovation. We are the leaders in finding new ways to uncover additional value within our hospitals’ supply chain.

$6.5B Member Annual Supply Spend

$48.5M Savings Achieved Annually

$323.4M Member Savings Since Inception

300+ Contracts in the MSS Portfolio

About Mid-America Service Solutions

Mid-America Service Solutions, LLC was incorporated by six member health care organizations in February, 2008 to provide contracting, distribution and other consolidated services, with primary goals of reducing expenses and improving operational efficiency.  Key principles that resonate throughout the organization are: Commitment, Accountability, Collaboration, and Innovation.
Connect members through commitment to drive member market strength; to provide the best care for our patients.
The innovative leader in driving unsurpassed healthcare value through member collaboration and accountability.
Set forth by our board of directors, a true collaborative environment is what MSS fosters among our membership.  We are comprised of dedicated and committed owners who continually join together and network to set strategic direction to advance MSS, with a common goal to become the top clinical and contracting network in the nation.
  • 237 Members and Growing
  • 10 States
  • 11 Years of Success
  • 163 Suppliers Contracting with MSS

Become a Supplier Partner with MSS

Our committed volume ensures good business for you.
The value that comes from contracting and the networking opportunity allows us to use the knowledge of our entire group and all of our health systems, versus each of us trying to work on it individually. Greg Teale

System Pharmacy Director, Saint Luke’s Health System, Kansas City MO

MSS members’ very high level of commitment drives millions of dollars in savings. Erin Bromley

Administrator, Supply Chain, Memorial Health System, Springfield IL

If we can get contracts rolled out through MSS, then that’s less work we have to do on a local level with local contracts and going back through negotiating not just the price, but the terms and conditions associated with those. Lyndle Dorrell

Chief Supply Chain Officer, CoxHealth Springfield MO

MSS is a great example of how a collaboration can work to get a greater degree of return on investment that you would have if you tried to go out there and do it all yourself. Louis Kynard

System Director, Pharmacy, CoxHealth Springfield MO