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At MSS, we get excited about finding strategic partners in our supplier network.  We offer a highly committed amount of aggregated volume to those awarded MSS contracts, in return for best pricing for our members.

But MSS goes beyond pricing – we are looking for true strategic partners in healthcare.  Suppliers that want to help our hospital members in ways other than just pricing, such as helping define standards for using products properly at the right time and on the right patient, are the suppliers with whom we want to partner.  Truly helping to define proper standards of care and best practices, to achieve the quadruple aim, and help our members reach their clinical goals – if you share this passion, then you should look into contracting with MSS.

MSS cares about all of our members, from 20 bed hospitals to 3,000+, and finding solutions that work for everyone.  Those suppliers committed to helping our entire membership to find scalable solutions for not just our eleven owners, but our other 230+ members, are the ones we want to partner with.

If you share in our goals to help all our members achieve the best clinical advantages and savings benefits as seen anywhere in the nation, then by all means, give us a call!


Become a Supplier Partner with MSS

Our committed volume ensures good business for you.